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Salling Clicker scripts

Some handy scripts for the Salling Clicker SonyEricsson bluetooth collaborator.

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Set Snak Status (Phone Event Handler Actions)
Author:Nevyn (web site available)

A script for the IRC client Snak by Kent Sorenson.

Sets the away message of all connections to away. You might want to change the away message in the script.

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say, Welcome Back (No Category)
Author:Joachim "Nevyn" Bengtsson (web site available)

A very simple script to just have the computer say "Hi". Attach it to when phone enters proximity to make your computer a little friendlier ;)

You probably want to change the string in the script.

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Sleep (System)
Author:Joachim "Nevyn" Bengtsson (web site available)

This is a simple script to put the computer to sleep. Very easy, very handy.

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Remote Control (iTunes)
Author:Jonas Salling (web site available)

A "remote control" for iTunes.

Modded by Nevyn to set rating with the keypad. Geeze, everyone complains about it not having it, but no one codes it, even though it's *so easy*! :P
(Nevyn is or )

The great Bryan Gebhardt added rating display on the cell! A feature I was too lazy to add myself ;) (Bryan is )

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iTunes Proximity Control (Phone Event Handler Actions)
Author:Nevyn (web site available)

I stole the original iTunes code, and added handlers for proximity. It will remember if you had iTunes running when leaving the computer, and if so, play again when you return. If you leave without iTunes playing, it won't play when you return. Very handy.

Note: disable the Phone Event script "Suspend iTunes (during phone calls)" when this one is activated -- my script *contains* that script.

Version notes:
I fixed a bug that disabled playback when you returned to your computer, rendering this script pretty useless.

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Set Personal Proteus Status (Proteus)
Author:Joachim "Nevyn" Bengtsson (web site available)

For Proteus, the IM client.

Inspired by Justin Wood's scripts, I wrote this to remember my old away message when I returned. If I was Occupied when I left the computer, I'll probably be just as Occupied when I return.

A note on usage: The script uses Status with id # 13 as the away message set when leaving proximity. It's recommended that you yourself create a custom status message in the preferences, count which one it is in the Status menu, add one to this number, and replace 13 in the property at the top of the script. Got it? Good. ;)

It's buggy. Okay? :P Since it's open source, I'll just wait for someone else to fix the bug, 'cause I'm lazy ;)

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Do Shell (System)
Author:Joachim "Nevyn" Bengtsson (web site available)

Executes shell command. SSH for bluetooth ;)

Example uses:
- Kill your screen saver, if you've forgotten your password.
ps awx | grep Saver, kill [pid]
- use "say" to scare the shit outta people anywhere nere the computer ;)
say "anything goes here"
- whatever shizz you feel like

Warning: Don't run stuff that doesn't stop. You won't get control over your cell back until the command has finished executing.

New in this version:
Added a pipe to the default message, because you can't type a pipe with some cell phones.