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What is nCoder's nMacADSL?
nMacADSL is an application for Swedish people who has Telia ADSL "broadband" connection. They/we have to login via a web page, and that's just plain annoying. So, instead of logging in manually each and every time, you can use this application to login automatically! Plus, if you leave your computer on, it usually disconnects after half an hour or something. With this app, you can keep the connection online, by automatically relogging in each ten minutes.


nMacADSL Carbon
Version: 0.61b1.
File size: 548 kb.
File date: 2002 03 28.

nMacADSL Classic
Version: 0.61b1.
File size: 438 kb.
File date: 2002 03 28.

nMacADSL Windows
Version: 0.61b1.
File size: 368 kb.
File date: 2002 03 28.
Please note: A bug in the Windows version prevents it from saving settings.

Version History

Initial release.