Salling Clicker Scripts

Some handy scripts for the Salling Clicker SonyEricsson bluetooth collaborator. Includes "Do Shell" and "Sleep" (simple scripts, but not so simple if you don't know any AppleScript, so I thought I'd put them here)

Coming up

Not yet released.

Not yet released.

Not yet released.

Old projects of relevance


A tool for swedes to connect with Telia ADSL without having to use the web interface. Quick and easy. Seems a bit buggy at the moment. I'll have to have a closer look at the code, as Telia probably have changed their login system.


Never got my lazy ass to write the network code. iStorm made a *Cocoa* app that does the same thing. App feels out of date now... But Phoenix' code is damned nice, so hopefully I'll finish it some day.

A project in collaboration with Phoenix, a good friend of mine. Not really completed yet, the network code needs more work. As the name implies, it does drawing over network; you get a white window to draw with, with all the standard drawing tools. This drawing board can then be connected with someone elses computer, allowing for live drawing of for example instructions.