Lowser is a file browser for PSP. It needs Shine's LuaPlayer runtime environment and a Sony PSP with a firmware without the web browser (Firmware version 1.5 or lower).


Lowser is included with LuaPlayer. Download LuaPlayer from the official LuaPlayer site, or download the latest nightly build.


A shot of v0.11.

Version history

0.20 (in progress)

- File menu on pressing O-key. This would let the user to get more info on the file, move it, rename it, delete it, or open with another application. If bundle, let you navigate the bundle.
- Not Lowser: I'd like a text editor (or at least viewer), so I'll give one a try as a Lua app...
- Animations would be nice.

0.12 (Download)

- Added a background picture
- Rehaul of much internals
- Lists don't behave like an ugly hack
- Changed controls to only use arrows.

0.1 (Download)

- Can browse file hierarchy of ms0:
- Can execute lua application bundles (folders with an index.lua)
- Renders an icon.png if present in a folder

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